A Giving November Reminder and Roundup

Giving November

It’s November. This means that the holidays are nearly here. You are probably planning your Thanksgiving feast and pre-ordering Christmas presents out of fear of supply chain delays ruining your Christmas plans. 

But now is a great time to stop and think about those who don’t have everything they need to enjoy the holidays this year, whether it’s money, food, shelter, or missing family members around the table.  

Now is a good time of year to pause, and not just to express gratitude, but to actually give back.

So in lieu of the normal Sunday post from Sam, I wanted to take a minute to link to our series from last year about Giving November.

Everything You Should Know About Giving November

Here are all of the posts, with some highlights from each.

Giving November: Why You Should Give Money Away Every Day This Month

Read about why we gave away money every day in November, our family’s Giving November rules, and how you can make Giving November work for you.

Why and How to Set Up a Donor-Advised Fund

This post is all about how and why to set up a donor-advised fund to give away money and save on taxes.

Gratitude Will Make You Rich, Healthy, and Happy

These are five scientifically proven ways that gratitude will make you rich, healthy, and happy. We also look at how to start practicing gratitude.

Write 5 Thank Yous and Watch Your Life Improve

Why you should write five thank you notes this week and how it will improve your life.

More Brilliant Moments

This is one of the key refrains I remind myself every day. It helps me practice gratitude and be more generous.

Set Up Automatic Monthly Donations to Charity

This is about how and why you should contribute to charities with recurring donations instead of just once a year.

5 Unexpected Benefits of Giving Away Stuff

Yes, it’s nice to get rid of clutter, but here are five more reasons you should give away stuff.

Virtual Volunteering: 13 Ways to Volunteer Online

Not comfortable volunteering in person? It is possible to volunteer remotely, and we have 13 ways you can do so.

The Employer Match: How Charitable Giving is Like Your 401

Here are nine things you should know about workplace giving.

What We Learned From Giving Away Money Every Day in November

This post summarizes everything we learned about donating money every day in November.

The Bottom Line

I hope you’ll take some time this week to give away your time, money, or things to those who are in the greatest need.