5 Thank You’s and Watch Your Life Improve

Thank you

As part of Giving November, I challenge you to write five thank you notes or emails this week. That’s just one a day for five days.

To be clear, these thank you notes should not be for a physical gift you’ve received. Instead, they should be for some sort of support, advice, connection, or other intangible thing someone has given you.

Maybe it’s a colleague at work or a former boss or mentor. Perhaps it’s a friend who helped you through a tough time in your life. Or maybe it’s someone semi-famous who recently put out a talk, podcast, or article that really moved or impacted you. 

Think of those moments when someone supported you or helped you out – and put it in writing to them. Do this, then watch your life dramatically improve this week.

Why does writing a thank you note make you feel happier? It goes back to the power of gratitude.

Specifically, science has proven that expressing gratitude through the form of a written note does two things:

  1. It makes the writer of the note happier AND
  2. It makes the reader of the note happier

But guess what? There is a ripple effect of expressing gratitude. Studies show that those who witness the thank you in some form are also happier.  

So, if you want to change both your life this week and also someone else’s, spend 10 minutes each day crafting a thank you note. Then, share what a difference it made in the comments below.