More Brilliant Moments

More Brilliant Moments

That moment in the morning, when the fog in my brain lifts. 

When I have asked my son to put on his shoes for the 7th time, we are late leaving the house, and I have an important meeting. I want to yell, but instead I calmly sit down next to my son and say, “let me help you get your shoes.

When my daughter lights up to see me, gives me a big hug, says “I love you mommy.” I fully embrace her and absorb the moment for all the joy it brings.

When I’m sitting watching my dogs run back and forth chasing waves on the beach, feeling the warm sunshine on my face while looking out over the water.

These are the brilliant moments. The moments when you are at your best.  

“More Brilliant Moments.”

This is what I say to myself when I’m having a tough day, when I’m going full speed, or when I feel my blood pressure rising.

I take a deep breath, and I remind myself to find more brilliant moments.

What exactly is a brilliant moment?

Think of it this way; life is a series of moments. At any given moment we can choose to be negative, pessimistic, go low, or get angry. Whether we think cruel or dark thoughts or we choose to yell or explode, usually it’s our response to external factors.

What if, instead of choosing the dark, we choose light? Whether you think of light in the sense of weight (light and airy) or you think of light in the sense of what you can see, choosing a brilliant moment means to flip on the light in your mind, in your words, and in your attitude. It means to bring your best self. 

More Brilliant Moments is about turning on the light and fully capturing the best moments of our days, weeks, years, and lives. It’s the moment when the sun breaks through the clouds. When you choose to be positively engaged, rather than turn away.  

It’s about shining bright for those around you — whether it’s your kids, colleagues, spouse, or community.

It’s the individual moments that matter the most. The more brilliant moments we create, the better our lives will be.  

And the more brilliant moments we can have for ourselves, the more impactful our lives will be for others. 

I’m sharing this favorite phrase of mine with you today because I believe that’s what the Women’s Money community is all about. It’s about bringing more of these brilliant moments to our lives. Finding joy. Growing. Inspiring others be their best selves. And being grateful for what we have.