Women’s Money 2022 New Focus: Health and Wealth


Welcome to Women’s Money 2022! I’m thrilled to announce a new focus for this year – the intersection of health, happiness and money. 

In the past, we have dabbled in this with posts about:

Now,  going forward, we are going to be exclusively focused on this niche.

Why? Because I believe four fundamental things:

  1. Money, by itself, is not the key to happiness.
  2. Health, by itself, is not the key to happiness.
  3. Having an understanding of, control over, and continuous improvement in these health and money is key to happiness.
  4. The same skills, knowledge, and habits that help you build wealth will help you improve your health, and vice versa. 

Looking forward to continuing to grow fitter – financially, physically, and mentally – with you in 2022!

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