5 Ways Exercise Will Help You Grow Rich

Ways Exercise Will Help You Grow Rich

May is fitness month at Women’s Money. Why? First, because this site is about helping you fund your freedom. If you’re sick, tired all the time, or not healthy, you aren’t going to be able to enjoy the life you worked so hard to earn.

More importantly, because I believe that the more fit you are, the richer you will be. 

How Exercise Benefits Your Finances

Here are five ways exercise will help you grow rich. 

1. Studies Prove that Fitness Is Correlated to Higher Earnings

A study published in 2012 found that those who exercise regularly earn 9% more on average than those who don’t. Think of what nearly 10% more earnings could do to quicken your pace (no pun intended) towards financial freedom. 

2. Exercise Saves Money on Health Expenses

When you exercise regularly, you will have better health overall. Given that the average American family spends between 16% and 33% of their total salary for the year on health-related expenses, you’ll be able to achieve significant savings by being in better shape.

3. Exercise Makes You More Productive

I can speak from personal experience that on the days that I exercise, I get a lot more done than days that I don’t.

But don’t just take my word for it. Research has proven that exercise will make you more productive. When you are more productive, you have more time to work on building a side business to earn more money. 

4. Exercise Makes You More Creative

Just like focusing on your health can make you more productive, a workout can as well. Even something as small as a short walk can boost your creativity

I find that I do my best creative work after a run or walk. Better yet, creative efforts can increase your side hustle or full-time job income streams. 

5. Exercise Makes You Happier

While not directly related to earnings, so many of us are focused on achieving financial freedom because we believe this will bring us greater happiness. What if, rather than waiting and saving, you could get that happiness today?

Research tracking over a million people shows that those who regularly exercise are happier than those who are rich. Seriously. What better reason to get your workout in today?

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of the ways exercise will help you grow rich. Regular exercise will boost your income, decrease your costs, make you more productive, boost your creativity, and improve your overall happiness. 

Watch for the rest of this series on fitness and money during the rest of May.