20 Personal Finance Women to Celebrate for International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

Most years on International Women’s Day, we celebrate by updating the Ultimate List of Women Money Bloggers

This year, we wanted to mix things up a bit. We started by publishing a list of 101 Women and Non-Binary Folks to Follow on Twitter

State of Women and Money

First, I want to spend a few minutes giving my own perspective on the state of women and money.

When I look back at the past year, trends show that women are continuing to leave the workplace at a faster rate than men. 

Yes, it’s the “Great Resignation” (see why we all want to quit), but it’s also more. Some of this “more” is the bad news you frequently hear about, including childcare duties, being responsible for more than her fair share around the house, etc. 

But some of the reasons for more women leaving the workforce actually reflect good news. More women are taking up entrepreneurship and starting businesses, starting their own side hustles, pursuing sabbaticals, achieving FIRE, and just taking time off for themselves.

More women are taking not just their money but their LIVES into their own hands.

Let me repeat that in a different way. More women than ever before are focused on wellness for their minds, bodies, and wallets. This is a huge win. 

Take a 30-second pause on this post and stop reading. Instead of continuing to read, think of three things you did in the past year to take control over your financial future and improve your overall wellbeing. 

Now celebrate. 

Whether you increased your 401k contributions, reduced your debt, looked at your financial metrics, or read your first personal finance book, celebrate these wins.

Now, let’s celebrate some wins of women in the personal finance space.

Achievements by Women in the Personal Finance Community

We gathered a list of achievements in the personal finance community in the last year and couldn’t be more excited to celebrate each of them below. 

Books Published

These women published books in the past year. 

Courses and Coaching Launched

These women launched courses or coaching businesses: 

Other Content Launched, Created, and Honored

Congratulations to all of these incredible women! You are inspirations for all of us and thousands more not just on International Women’s Day but every day.

The Bottom Line

To celebrate International Women’s Day, take a few minutes and celebrate all of the women above. But most importantly, celebrate the you of today and the you of tomorrow. Do so by taking five minutes to write a note as your future self.

A year from now, imagine something that makes you feel proud related to your own financial wellness? What is it? Take the time now and write about it. 

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