Work Life Balance: Daily Roundup of Posts

Today’s topic is work-life balance. Here is a daily roundup of the posts with a brief excerpt from each post to get you started:
From Kylie Ofiu: How to find work/life balance

I am a single, Australian mum with two daughters. I work mostly from home juggling my business, family, the house and all the usual life demands. My children are classed as ‘special needs’ so there is a lot of extra work involved with them and I am still going through court.  It can be hard finding the balance and lately I have felt out of balance.

From Femme Frugality: The Frugalish Skiing Splurge

I’ve only been skiing once this year.  And it was on the warmest weekend we’ve had all winter.  Go figure.  I had friends coming in from out of town just for the trip, so rescheduling wasn’t an option.  The Sochi-like weather made the conditions some of the worst I’ve ever seen, but we still had an amazing time.

Things get really crazy around here.  Work.  Kids.  His work.  His schooling.  I’m an incredibly goal-oriented person, so sometimes I feel like I need to just push through the stress and keep going.

From She and Money: 8 Ways to Fight Twitter Distraction and Actually Get Things Done

Have you ever sat down at your computer for a good day’s work and 7 hours later, you look up, realize the day’s over and that your to-do list is still not done? Another day lost and more work for tomorrow. If you’re like me, this has happened to you on too many occasions to count. I mean, I love Twitter and I am warming up to Facebook too.

From Little Miss Moneybags: Work-Life Balance

Can women have it all — a professional identity, a successful marriage, and a close involvement in their kids’ lives?

I don’t know.

I know for me, right now, that’s not possible. And I’m glad that my partner is on the same page and happy to take a hit in our joint income in order for us to focus on getting our daughter healthy. My attention is nearly fully taken up with her, and there’s nothing left over to give to a job. Not to mention that it takes all my time to make our lives a little smoother – childcare, medical stuff, laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking, keeping the house clean.

From Break from the Sky: Women’s Money Week: Work/Life Balance

I’ve been lucky so far in my career that I’ve managed to maintain a pretty good work/life balance, although I know that is subject to change and is contingent on many moving targets outside of my control. At my old job, logging overtime hours was almost expected. That’s the nature of working in client services; you stay until the job gets done. If that means working nights and weekends, then so be it. If you balked at that idea, then you were in the wrong industry.

From One Frugal Girl: Work Life Balance with Children

My previous profession provided a lot of work-life flexibility. We had a set of core hours when we were expected to work, but I could start the work day any time between seven and ten. At the time my husband and I were both late risers, preferring to stay up late at night and wake up later in the morning.

From W Personal Finance: Walking the Tightrope of Work/Life Balance

As a child of the 80s, I was raised to believe I could have it all. No one laughed at me when I expressed a desire to be President one day, instead of the typical “nurse”, “secretary” or “teacher” career goals of my mom & grandma’s eras. To my way of thinking that “I can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan” line was more than just a commercial jingle.

And then I grew up.

From Monroe on a Budget: Women Need Support for Career Choice

Your job and career choice as a woman is not just yours alone.

It also involves your spouse or partner and perhaps also the children you are raising. If your family is not on board with your decision, many of the coping strategies that are taught to working women who also have family responsibilities will be of little help as you run into one frustration or another.

From Thursday Braum: My Kind of Work-Life Balance

I probably shouldn’t be allowed to give advice to anyone on how to balance your personal life and your work life. I’m sitting at my computer at 8 AM — and I was here until 10 PM last night.

But is my approach really as unbalanced as it seems? It may be more reasonable than it sounds on the surface.

From The Money Principle: Can you have your cake and eat it: work life balance for women today

On my way to lunch I was walking behind two women in their mid-thirties. They were in a conversation that went like this:

‘I am expected to teach, do admin and publish in these top notch journals. Men at my department do it but they don’t have to look after a three year old, cook the dinner and run the house. I just can’t do it.’

‘Yes, I’m finding my life impossible as well. By the time I’ve done my teaching and looked after my daughter, I can hardly write my own name; what about writing break-through articles.’