What Does Freedom Mean to You?

meaning of freedom

Women’s Money is about helping you to fund your freedom

What does this mean? It means affording the life you want.  But what exactly does freedom mean to you? Every person has her own definition.  

For you, is freedom being free from something? Or being free to do something? 

Are you looking for freedom from a job? From a boss? From a salary? 

Maybe you’re looking to move. 

Maybe you’re looking to be free from a person.

Or you want the freedom to choose when and how you work?

Do you want the freedom to buy whatever you want? Fly first class around the world at the drop of a hat? 

Or does freedom look like spend an afternoon hiking in a local park, with no constraints on your time?

Maybe freedom is just enjoying your life knowing you have saved or are on track to save enough for your retirement.  

Every person has a different definition of what freedom means to them – and it changes over time.

Ten years ago, when my son was born, freedom to me meant being able to be there with him during the day when he was young.  As my kids grew older, freedom meant being able to go on nice family vacations to international destinations.

Most recently, freedom meant breaking from a stressful, demanding, corporate career to take a sabbatical.  

Freedom to me means managing my own time, even if it means a reduced paycheck and having to budget a bit more.  Freedom means having more time to cook, exercise, travel, read and spend time with my kids.

Think about what freedom means to you. What are you seeking to move away from, and what are you reaching towards?