What I’m Going to Do During My Sabbatical

Sabbatical Plan

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I’m going to do during my sabbatical. This includes more writing, exercising, cooking, and spending more time with my spouse, kids, and dogs.

But, recently, I’ve realized that COVID has allowed me the time at home to do all of these things. While I love it, I know that my sabbatical will need to be about more than just that. But what exactly is that?

Now I know what that is.

For my sabbatical plan, we are going to spend 4-6 weeks in Europe as a family.

The details are still being worked out. Obviously, some of the COVID variants are throwing this into a bit of flux. However, in Europe, cases tend to be better than in the U.S. But right now, my plan is for us to visit three countries in that time and spend significant time traveling around each country.

Having traveled extensively before, I know that extended travel isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. The kids will miss a season of sports, birthday parties, and other events that they will be disappointed to miss. Fortunately, Europe is going to be amazing.

We will use the time to learn about the countries we are visiting, eat too much delicious food, and walk countless miles exploring new sights.

Perhaps this doesn’t sound like much of a plan yet. But I couldn’t be more excited.

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