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How a Walking Desk and Crock Pot Made Me More Productive

Since there is no way to slow down time or add more hours to the day–but boy wouldn’t that be an awesome option–I have had to learn how to use my time better to be more productive.

And two of the tools that have helped me to do that are the walking desk that I made–also known as my treadmill desk–and my Crock Pot.

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Who Do You Want to Become

Who would we see if we were to take a peek into your calendar? Most of our calendars reflect the life of an overwhelmed, overworked, person who is living reactively pinging from one “have to do” activity to the next. Calendars have the potential to be a life-changing tool if we use them properly. However, more often than not they are a prison guard keeping us trapped in the vortex of a hurricane of tasks.

We go through life, living each day in reaction mode, attending meetings, conferences, completing tasks, and going places because we think we need to or feel obligated. Down-time rarely exists and when we get a day to slow down for a moment we end up crashing and sleeping half of it away.

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How to Accomplish More in 24 Hours

Did you know that effective time management is a key principle to a less stressful life? If yes, then why do so many of us struggle with managing our time better?

Just in the last week alone I’ve noticed a number of people on Twitter saying “I need more hours in a day”.

No matter what our situation is there never seems to be enough time to accomplish all the things we would like to get done. Whether it is stuff for work, chores around the house or simply finding time to hang out with friends and family – we all seem to be running around, frantically trying to keep up. If you are one of the many people that wishes there were more hours in each day, here are some tips on how to accomplish more in 24 hours and still enjoy your life.

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Ways to Find More Time and Increase Your Productivity

Women juggle multiple responsibilities, especially if they are moms.

There are work responsibilities, household responsibilities, and family and children responsibilities. Don’t forget to set aside some time to care for yourself by preparing healthy food and finding time to exercise.

The work at home mom must become an expert at juggling because she’ll constantly have to switch between childcare tasks and completing her work. I should know because I’ve been a work at home mom now for two years.

In the beginning, juggling my childcare responsibilities with work responsibilities was fairly easy. My two younger children took fairly long afternoon naps, and my workload was not that heavy as I was just starting my business. I could get all my work done during nap time and in the evenings after the kids were asleep, and I still had time to relax.

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