Thank you All for a wonderful National @WomensMoneyWeek!  #WMWeek17 @womensmoneyweek

Thank you All for a wonderful National @WomensMoneyWeek! #WMWeek17 @womensmoneyweek

Women's Money Week
National Women's Money Week as a resounding success! Thank you to all of the awesome participation. The numbers are still coming in, but here are the highlights:Enrolled 18 program Ambassadors.Registered 30 additional program participants.Hosted our first Women's Money Week Tweetchat sponsored by @Wisebread with108 participants, 339,708 Reach and 8,788,715 ImpressionsEnrolled participation of organizations to host first ever in-person events.4,669 Daily Action Planning Kits to women during #WMWeek17The campaign is still running even though the week is officially hosted from January 1 -7, 2017. A full report will be issued in February 2017. Thank you again!   
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Show Me the (Free) Money  #WMWeek17 @ctwbdc

Show Me the (Free) Money #WMWeek17 @ctwbdc

#WMWeek17, Saving & Investing, Women's Money Week
If you’re like me, I’m sure growing up you heard the saying “money doesn’t grow on trees”.  Or perhaps you are that parent who is bestowing these wise words onto your children in an effort to teach them that money is earned, and not something that is easily acquired by birth right, luck or happenstance.Though I have not discovered a tree that grows money either, I have uncovered some great producers of “free money”.  I am going to share one of these resources with you and explain how it can produce money with very little effort or investment on your part.  Are you ready to hear more?  Read on…AboutCHET.comOver the summer, and as luck would have it on Labor Day, my husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into…
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Are You Sharing Too Much On Social Media? The Cost of That “Free Lunch” #WMWeek17 @juliemacccredit

Have you ever thought about how much information is requested when you sign up for a social media page? Most sites ask for your birthday information, ask for permission to track your location or post your location, your place of employment and more personal information that from a security standpoint you really should not be sharing.Don't feel bad for over sharing, the social media culture hasplayed on our emotions to solicit information we normally would not share to "win" that free lunch, deep discount orshare our anniversaries or personal moments and achievements that we have experienced with our family members, friends or co workers!Most of the social media websites ask for your birthday so that they can send an announcement on your behalf or for other special occasions that you…
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