Show Me the (Free) Money  #WMWeek17 @ctwbdc

Show Me the (Free) Money #WMWeek17 @ctwbdc

#WMWeek17, Saving & Investing, Women's Money Week
If you’re like me, I’m sure growing up you heard the saying “money doesn’t grow on trees”.  Or perhaps you are that parent who is bestowing these wise words onto your children in an effort to teach them that money is earned, and not something that is easily acquired by birth right, luck or happenstance.Though I have not discovered a tree that grows money either, I have uncovered some great producers of “free money”.  I am going to share one of these resources with you and explain how it can produce money with very little effort or investment on your part.  Are you ready to hear more?  Read on…AboutCHET.comOver the summer, and as luck would have it on Labor Day, my husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into…
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