Where Does Your Money Go?

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Have you ever had such a terrible customer service experience or been charged so many fees at your bank that you seriously considered closing your accounts, but didn’t because, well, would another corporate bank be any different? Credit unions are a viable alternative to big banks. After a terrible customer service experience, this was exactly the course I took. There are always considerations when changing banking institutions. Your number one concern should always be bank fees. While credit unions will often have lower fees than a corporate bank, this is not always the case and should never be taken for granted.So what exactly is a credit union? A “cooperative financial institution chartered by the federal government and owned by individual members”. This means that when you put your money in…
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Stop Letting Your Money Manage You

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Confession time… I have never had a formal budget. I would put money aside for my bills, but as far as groceries, gas, and all my other spending, it was a free for all. Honestly, I was scared of writing a budget because it meant I would have to face up to my bad spending habits. The issue with not taking time to budget and actually plan how to spend your money, is that you put yourself at the mercy of your own fear and bad habits. It wasn’t a sustainable life style and I felt perpetually broke and stressed.I was doing it to myself, of course. Although I didn’t realize it then, by not writing a budget and taking control of my money, I was choosing to be stressed,…
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Teaching Kids About Money and Business with Pokemon Go!

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I began playing Pokemon Go out of curiosity. There were a lot of headlines surrounding the new phenomenon, and I wanted to experience first-hand what it was about. As I played, I became enthusiast and began writing about the game’s obvious health benefits and how it encompasses the future of mobile applications. Since I’ve been playing for a while now, I’ve observed some other subtle rewards that reinforce my appreciation for the game: most notably, Pokemon Go teaches players (hopefully young players) about money. The game is both a model for how to how to manage money and promote business.Pokestops Introduce the Concept Of Work For PayPokestops are where you go to get more supplies. When you reach a Pokestop, you spin the wheel and it releases a few assets…
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