Recipe for Starting a Business

starting a business

As part of our money recipes series, today we are tackling how to start a business to earn more money.

But what is the best recipe for starting a business?

Read on to learn how you can launch your own business and maximize its chances of success.

Recipe for Starting a Business

Today’s recipe requires some improvising. It’s truly not one size fits all. 

While the ingredients will always remain the same (unlike our recipe for earning more money), you can still fine-tune this protocol to fit your unique needs.


An idea




Ingredient amounts will vary and need to be determined as you go.

Cooking Steps

Take one part hustle, sprinkle in a good idea. Shake vigorously. Wait. 

Continuously add hustle while sprinkling in perseverance when starting to fall flat.  Add coffee when needed.

If the combination isn’t yielding results, mix in customer feedback and a pinch of intuition to slightly adjust the recipe based on your tastes. 

Repeat to grow your business and maximize your success.

The Bottom Line

Starting a business is not one size fits all, and your recipe for success will vary based on the business you start, the obstacles you come up against, and your fortitude. As long as you use all the ingredients and adjust as needed, you’ll put yourself on the road to success.