Naming Your Money Fears

Money fears

What are your biggest money fears?

What are the top three things you worry about most when it comes to money?

Is it that your spouse will find out that you secretly love to buy X? Or that your friends will find out that while you live a lavish lifestyle, you actually won’t be able to retire because you have no savings?

Is it that you will have to work in a job you hate for the rest of your life just to keep up with the Jones’? Do you worry that you won’t be able to afford your house if you or your spouse loses a job?

Do you fear having to sell something that you really enjoy (a boat, a car, or a prized antique)?

Is it that you will die and your family won’t be cared for?

Maybe you are too scared to calculate your net worth (or even open your bank statement) because the number will make you feel ashamed.

Maybe you worry that you will become too successful and you will lose the respect of your current friends.

Take 10 minutes today and write down your top two or three money fears.

Reflecting on your fears is one of the best ways to think about your spending habits and understand how money can work for you instead of fearing it. 

Without a realistic understanding of where you are at, you can’t change. Starting with naming and acknowledging your biggest money fears is the biggest step to overcoming them.