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Each day of Women’s Money Week we’ll be featuring a few of the steller articles. Here are the Increasing Income articles for today with a teaser and link to the full article.

$5,983 in February Extra Income

Happy Monday everyone! It’s already March and I still can’t believe that 2013 is flying by so quickly. Life is still great and I feel like it gets better every single day. Also, good luck to whoever reads this super lengthy post, it’s definitely a whale of a post.

In February, I made $5,983 in extra income, after expenses. In case you are new to my blog, “Extra Income” consists of all income that I make that does not include my salaried job that I have in the financial services industry (my job has nothing to do with personal finance just as an FYI). Extra income also does not include any money that W makes, as he doesn’t do anything for extra income and is mostly commission at his work (so it fluctuates every month anyways).

I will say that this is not all super easy. None of it is. I spend enough time to make this a full-time job on top of my already full-time job. Luckily, I do enjoy what I’m doing so it’s not like I’m dreading anything. My goals that I have are also a great motivator. I just keep thinking about how badly I want my student loans gone, and also how badly we want a new house next year.

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How to Successfully Negotiate a Raise

It’s no secret that women still make less money than men. Although there are a lot of factors that seem to play into this, negotiating raises is one of the biggest. There are tons of potential ways to increase your income or even earn extra money on the side, but one of the quickest ways to boost your pay is to simply ask for a raise.

By implementing a few key strategic moves you can confidently negotiate your way to a higher salary.

Treat Your Employer like a Client
A new perspective may be the only thing you are lacking when it comes to excelling at your day job. Though there are a couple of key factors you need to look at before making this paradigm shift.

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5 Tips to Increase Your Income

Ever since my first lemonade stand in elementary school, I’ve been an entrepreneur. At age 16, I replied to a published job announcement and started my door to door Avon sales business. In college I made “hippie” shirts and sold them to my friends. While working as a business intern in Spain, I gave English lessons on the side. I enjoyed my stint selling real estate, as my compensation was directly tied to my effort. After obtaining my first Masters degree in counseling and while employed at San Diego State University, I had a side career counseling practice to help offset my husbands huge graduate school tuition bills. I’ve held garage sales and sold stuff on Craigslist. Embedded in my DNA are ways to increase income.

Women are particularly suited to increase their income. Yes, I know we make less than men per hour, but do not let that stop you from increasing your income. As moms, students, and employees, we are adept at going from one task to another. How many women have fed a baby while checking their email? Earning more money is a mindset. There are money making opportunities wherever you look, if you want to trade time for money, make it a priority.

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