3 Reasons to Make Resolutions in December Rather than January


For the past few years, I have focused my December on what I call “Make Ready December.” My framework for being my most productive self is to prepare, work, and recover.

I use December as a month of preparations. Preparing is a form of resolution-making. 

While most people set their resolutions in January, I find December to be a better month.

Why You Should Make Resolutions in December

Here are the top three reasons why you should make resolutions today.

1. It’s a More Realistic and Less Optimistic Time of Year

I always find December to be one of the busiest times of the year. Between finalizing work goals, hitting up holiday parties, and buying and wrapping presents, we need to find time to actually enjoy the lights, the snow, and the twinkle in kids’ eyes. 

Setting aside time to ask yourself, “what do I need right now?” will allow you to actually focus on what matters. You will be more realistic in your expectations of your new year this month than you will in January.

2. Making the Time for What Matters Now Shows Commitment

One reason many of us don’t reach our goals is we aren’t quite committed. Setting up the time during December’s hustle and bustle reveals commitment. 

3. Preparation Puts You Ahead of the Curve

Preparing now gives you a jump start on the new year since you’ll already have a plan. Besides, it’s always better to be prepared! 

Steps to Setting Your Resolutions

Now that you know why you should make resolutions now, here is a five-step process to go about it.

1. Do an Overall Wellness Check

Use these seven insightful frameworks to get a holistic view of your overall well-being.

2. Focus Specifically on Your Finances

Take the time now to use these eight key metrics to assess your financial well-being.

3. Use the Information Gathered to Set Goals

Based on what you’ve learned with the frameworks and metrics, determine the changes you want to make to improve your wellness and financial well-being.

4. Visualize

Use the power of visualization to help your intentions come to fruition

5. Bonus: Define Your Year in One Word

Determine a word of the year that aligns with what you will need most next year.

The Bottom Line

Now, you are all ready to start your resolution in January. The good news? Science will back you up, but use this month to learn and set your intentions. 

Things may feel overwhelming and crazed right now, but that is the best time to set aside time for yourself and honestly assess where you are at and determine where you want to be next.