Mission & Vision

What is Women’s Money®

Women’s Money®, has developed a proprietary professional mentored financial program with an  accountability system to help women achieve personal financial wellness. There is no other financial education program like it in the nation. Our programs are delivered in an engaging, interactive mentored session that creates a positive financial lifestyle.

Women’s Money® successfully piloted its innovative financial education program in Nevada with 12 financial education conferences to audiences of as many of 600, and currently serves thousands of women and families a year. Our  program has received the National Association of State Treasurer’s Pinnacle Award, and has been featured in the New York Times, Woman’s World Magazine, USA Today, Forbes and more. 

Our Mission:  Increasing financial knowledge and skills, along with the confidence to implement the new financial plans.

Our Vision:  Providing mentored support and action steps for women to invest in their education and retirement.

Our Results:  92% of the mentees in our mentoring programs have  graduated and now have the confidence  and  sustainable financial skills to implement those skills when making financial decisions.

Why is Women’s Money® Needed?

84% of women say they do not understand or receive information from financial and investment institutions. Currently, 1 in 3 women lives in or on the brink of poverty. 90% of women say they are completely or mostly unprepared for retirement.  As a result, 3 out of 5 women in the U.S. will retire in poverty. 

It’s not just about the Wage Gap.  Many advocates cite the wage gap as a solution to this issue because if women were paid the same as men we could reduce poverty in America by 50%.  However, our interviews with women suggest that because women do not receive the financial messages they need, families would continue living the same poverty lifestyle at a higher income level, even if we could eliminate the wage gap and decrease poverty tomorrow.

> We Found That Making More Money Is Not Enough. We Need to Build Confidence, Skillsets and Opportunity. We Need to Build a Program That Works for Women and the way Women learn.

The reason:  89% of financial decisions, from home and auto purchases to bank accounts, are made by women, and they are making these decisions without a compass.

Clearly, there is a disconnect, a Communication Gap, and reducing the Communication Gap is the first way to change the number of women and families living in poverty.  However, it’s more than just a Communication Gap, there’s also a Confidence Gap and an Action Gap. 

Women’s Money® has developed methods to reduce these gaps and help women achieve measurable financial results.

How Do We Solve this Problem?

  • Conferences: #WomensMoney is the highest attended women’s personal financial conference in Nevada. At the Women’s Money® Conference, attendees network with solution providers, and generate ideas and action steps for better personal financial management.

  • Mentoring Program: Women’s Money® conducts several peer mentoring events and individual mentoring sessions throughout the year to help mentees  achieve real personal financial results.

  • The Councils: We are creating state and national Women’s Money® Councils, which are comprised of community, financial industry, and policy leaders. The Councils are tasked with finding and suggesting research that help Women’s Money® provide women with programs for advocacy, education, and mentorship in order to foster financial independence, economic justice and to significantly reduce poverty in America.

  • Life Level Matching – Our proprietary Life Level matching system helps women of similar life levels and challenges to lend relevant support, understanding and accountability.

More About the Women’s Money® Vision

2/3rds of household breadwinners and co-breadwinners are women/moms. Our country’s economic future relies on the financial stability and success of household breadwinners.  Did you know that if women were paid the same as men for the same job, poverty levels in America would drop by 50%! 

While we welcome men and couple participation in the program,  we are starting with women and moms because moms influence an entire community and starting with her creates a domino effect within her entire  family and their effect on their community.  Supporting one woman supports all the future generations she will influence. 

Women are the head of household in many homes and are one of the most powerful economic influencers.  Women are involved in about 85% of all purchasing decisions and when she buys, she buys for an average of 3 people.  If she is buying for business, she may be buying for one employee or for thousands.  A woman’s economic impact doesn’t end with her.

Yet women are notoriously under-served and under-recognized in the financial world.  Until 1974 women were not allowed to have credit or buy homes in their own names.  They needed a husband or father on the loan, credit card or house with them. If women received the same salary as men who work the same number of hours, have the same education or union status, are the same age, and live in the same region of the country, poverty rates would be cut in half.

Women are the cornerstone of the family’s financial security, yet women, particularly moms, get paid less than 75% of what their male counterparts do!

More and more women are the head of household, and with this new responsibility comes the responsibility to manage and grow that money (or at least get out of debt).

We started the Women’s Money® Program because we want to help women and families  become financially secure.