You’re worth more than you know #WMWeek17 @SDMInvest

This time of year can bring about a lot of anxiety and feelings of earning inadequacies. When we look back over our previous year, we may feel that we didn’t make as much money based on our perceived worth. Your feelings are very real and you shouldn’t go about the new year being unhappy, angry or frustrated about your earnings. Making more money in 2017 can be as simple as 1-2-3, if you understand how you earn your money. Imagine if you lost your job and your income suddenly stopped. How would you generate income? While the well may have run dry from your labor (job), your “assets”, “resources”, and your “potential income” are still there. 

Most people focus on the “labor” they provided at a job, but forget they got the job because they have talents, skills, and experience. The message is: you have a lot to offer and you can generate income or additional income in 2017 using your offerings. Here are few things to think about to help you evaluate what you have available to you in 2017. 

1. List the “resources” you have such as your network, savings, equipment, transportation, and location. They can help you earn more or position you to create a business. One of the most important resources is your network. Consider what you can do to collaborate with others to generate more income.
2. List your “assets” such as your education, training, skills or abilities. They may not even be what you were using on your job. But, with a little thought, these assets may help you to create a service or product that you can offer. 
3. Consider “potential income”. After you have evaluated your resources and assets, determine how you can turn them into money. Research who would use your talents. Is there a need with individuals, organizations or other businesses? There may be a niche that you can develop to provide additional income. 

Always remember your worth and how you can utilize your assets, resources and potential income opportunities. You’ve done it for someone else, you can do it for yourself.

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Author:  Sharon is the visionary and CEO of SDM Investments, LLC. Ms. Mallory is responsible for defining and maintaining the direction of SDM and ensuring that client’s financial planning needs are being met at the highest level of fiduciary responsibility. 

Sharon attended Purdue University Lafayette where she received her BA degree prior to pursuing advance degrees at Chicago State University and the University of Colorado’s School of Financial Planning. Ms. Mallory received her Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor (CMFC) designation from the University of Colorado. She holds her FINRA series 6, 63, 65 securities licenses and Life and Health licenses in various states in which the firm is registered