Money Lessons for my Younger Self  #WMW16 @ctwbdc

Money Lessons for my Younger Self #WMW16 @ctwbdc

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When I turned 14 and it became legal for me to get my first job, I did.  Throughout my teen years I held multiple jobs, often times simultaneously.  During those years, I mastered bagging groceries (there is an art to this!), making the perfect cup of coffee, became knowledgeable about fish and reptiles, stacked underwear precisely by the dozen and provided the perfect bra fitting, gained skills and an admiration for great lawn care, and mastered creative playtime with youngsters.  If there was one thing my parents taught me, it was the value of hard work.I look back on those formative years and have to laugh.  Although I was working really hard, I really wasn’t working very smart.  I was a kid, living at home, and had all of my…
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