Life After Debt: Journey to Financial Freedom

Consumer Recovery Network and storyteller Sarah Li Cain have teamed up together to produce a series of videos entitled “Life After Debt”. The series will feature ordinary people who were in serious debt and their journey out of it. The people who share their stories reveal the struggles with money and how being debt free has impacted their lives for the better. Not only that but they share what has helped them along the way, whether it’s listening other people’s story or getting outside assistance.

The video series was created with the goal of helping people know that they are not alone in struggling under the mountain of debt. By openly sharing struggles with money and that a happy financial future is possible, the hope is that viewers are inspired and motivated to create their own “life after debt” story.

Consumer Recovery Network and Sarah Li Cain are actively looking for participants to share their struggles with debt and what it took to better their financial situation. Volunteers choose to remain anonymous if they wish, and all stories submitted will remain confidential.

To find out more or to submit your story, please visit Sarah’s website at


About Consumer Recovery Network (CRN): CRN aims to take people with debt and credit problems from a place of “what now?”… to a place of confidence and  empowerment through information and implementation. They accomplish that through their publishing effort, one on one consults, coaching, and hands on assistance. Their web site empowers thousands of people every day to tackle debt and credit challenges.

About Sarah Li Cain: Sarah Li Cain is a money storyteller and focuses on helping others achieve financial freedom through bettering people’s money mindset. She believes in the power of stories as way to connect and support each other through tragedies and triumphs. She openly shares her struggles with money in the past and is dedicated to helping others overcome theirs.