How to Start Saving More Money Today

If you’re like many of us, then you’re probably tired of spending all your money and want to save more. Maybe you have goals of saving for a vacation, a wedding, a house, or even a rainy day. While it may take a while to save enough to reach these goals, you can do numerous things today that will save you more money.
Try these 10 things to start saving more money today:

  1. Build multiple streams of income. If you need more money to save, you should work on earning more money. It’s easier to increase the amount of money you have to work with than cutting your budget in certain areas. Do you have a side hustle or part time job? Can you sell products or offer services? You should work on building multiple streams of income, even if you feel your job is secure.

  2. Use cash. It’s been proven that people who use plastic instead of cash spend more money. There’s something about physically seeing your money go that makes you wiser with how you spend it. Try living on cash only for a week and see how many times you second guess your purchases. You’ll then know what you’re spending your money on and how much you have left over.

  3. Take advantage of cash back shopping. With so many cash back programs available, it’s easy to save a little bit even when you’re spending money. With cash back cards like PerkStreet’s debit card, and websites like Ebates, you can still shop at your favorite stores and get a percentage of your money back too. You can use that cash back and put it into your savings account.

  4. Eliminate your landline. Landlines are so last decade. Are you ever home to take the calls anyways? If you have a cell phone, having a landline is essentially throwing money away. You’re paying two phone bills! Save money today by canceling your landline service. Households nationwide are becoming strictly cellular. Missing the feeling of a home phone? Try out Skype. You can have a phone number connected to your desktop computer.

  5. Buy used. There’s always a premium on brand new items, but people can save money on the used version and still have a quality, working product! From clothes and video games, to furniture and electronics, used and refurbished items can save you money and give you the same amount of satisfaction.

  6. Sell your crap. Admit it, you have a lot of things in your home that are just collecting dust and have no use to you anymore. Why are you holding on to it when you can make money from it? One man’s (or woman’s) trash is another one’s treasure, and you can save the profits from decluttering.

  7. Be smart with utilities. Remember growing up when your parents would tell you to turn off lights and TVs if you weren’t in the room, or not to let the water run too long? How many times have you forgot those rules yourself living on your own? Reduce the amount of electricity, gas, and water you use, and you’ll see your bill decrease. Fight the urge to be trigger happy with your heat and air, and cut the long showers to a minimum.

  8. Downsize. Are you living above your means? Downsizing can help you save money in a major way. If it’s two of you in a house and you have three bedrooms, you should probably look into a smaller place. Same goes for SUVs with only one to two passengers. There’s a difference between being comfortable and having too much space. Pay only for what you need and nothing extra.

  9. Entertain on a dime. Being entertained does not have to break the bank. No where does it say you have to dish out hundreds of dollars to have a good time. While vacations and amusement parks can be fun, find local places to go to enjoy yourself. You can rent movies instead of buying or going to the theatre. Don’t forget to check for coupons in the mail and online!

  10. Cook at home. One of the biggest items in most people’s budgets usually coincides with food. Whether it’s fast food, restaurants, or grabbing lunch for work, you can save money if you make all your meals home based. Cooking at home not only saves you money but it’s also a healthier alternative. Cook your meals and pack your lunch to save money instantly.

If you start incorporating these 10 tips into your life today, you will be able to save money easily and still enjoy the things you love like good food, amusement, quality products, and a nice home without making major sacrifices.