Getting Started With Women’s Money Week – Why Hold Yourself Accountable

First, welcome to Women’s Money Week.  We’ve relaunched after an incredibly successful 1st Annual Women’s Money Week in March. We are now a weekly resource designed to help you take action each week. Instead of just reading information that *theoretically* you can translate into action down the line, you are now asked to take action. Women’s Money Week will provide you with one action item per week. You can opt to ignore it or you can commit to reshaping your financial future – one week at a time.

Getting Started with Women’s Money Week in 4 Steps

1. Sign Up: Subscribe to our Email List

If you aren’t already on our mailing list, please sign up here. Once a week, on Wednesday mornings, we will email you to let you know about that week’s topic and how to participate.

2. Educate Yourself: Read The Weekly Post

Each week there will be a new weekly action detailed in a post. In the post we provide you the specific, step-by-step instructions to help get you started. We let you know WHY this is so important. And we give you a few (but not too many) resources to help you succeed.  You’ll read the post and then, most importantly, you’ll be asked to hold yourself accountable to take that action.

3. Commit: Hold Yourself Accountable

Once you read the post you can decide if it’s is an action you need and want to take. If you want to take a week’s action, with a few simple clicks we will provide accountability. You’ll “sign up” for the week (don’t worry, sign up is free) and then we will check-in with you twice during the week to remind you to take action.

4. Do: Take Action

During the week, whenever it’s convenient for you, you’ll follow the steps in the post and actually take action. At the end of each week, you’ll be one step closer to financial success.

Why Hold Yourself Accountable

Why should you sign up for the week instead of just reading the post and filing it away to do later?

I’ll be completely honest: there is no benefit to us in setting up an accountability system. A TON of behind the scenes administrative work actually has to happen to make the accountability process work.

But, we’ve set it up because we believe (and more importantly, research shows) that by signing up and saying you’ll do something means that you are more likely to actually do whatever that thing is.  So, simply by signing up and committing to take action, you are increasing your chances that you will succeed.  Further, by commenting and publicly committing to take action, you further increase your odds of success.

So, as part of each week, take the steps to commit and hold yourself responsible. You’ll not only make your priorities clear, you’ll be one step closer to reshaping your financial future.