It’s time to give your finances a spring cleaning. Start with a #FinancialSelfie #WomensMoney

It’s been almost three months since New Year’s Eve. The first day of spring has passed, and holidays celebrating reflection and renewal are coming up.  It’s the time of “spring cleaning”. 

It’s also time to get an honest picture of your personal financial condition. 

Here are some quick, cool, and fairly painless ways to get your financial status reviewed:

  1. The Quickie Selfie – Takes like two minutes tops, and you instantly get a general pulse of your financial health.
  2. The Full Financial Selfie – Takes maybe five minutes, and again gives you a general (more in-depth than the quickie) pulse of where you’re at financially.
  3. Financial Freedom Evaluators – If you want the real deal, in-depth experience then you want to try out the Women’s Money Financial Freedom Evaluators.  This gives you a more in-depth analysis of the financial areas that need your attention.   The evaluators are surpisingly simple, fast, and easy to answer.  If you are already involved in the Women’s Money Mentoring  program, then just log into the portal and choose one of three evaluators (Financial Management, Financial Safeguards, Financial Protection).  If you are not yet, part of the mentoring program, it’s easy and free to sign up.  Once you are signed up, you can get access to the portal (within five minutes of signing up).   If you don’t want a full mentoring experience, then just choose online mentoring option and you get into the portal. It’s simple, easy and there is no committment.