Featured “Happiness, Hobbies, and Money” Articles

It’s time to highlight some of the awesome articles about happiness, hobbies, & money that went live today:

Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Can money buy you happiness? Think about it – if in general you are an unhappy person, but tomorrow you won the LottoMax jackpot of $30 million dollars (tax free) would you suddenly become a happy person? Initially I think many people would.

But it goes along the same lines as when a person that is heavy says “I will be happy when I lose 50 pounds” or whatever they want to lose. Again, you may feel happy the first few days, but how long will it last?

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7 Lifelong Hobbies You Can Enjoy On a Budget

When we first started paying off our debt, we really reined in any spending in the entertainment category.

At first, it felt like all we were doing was saying “No” and depriving ourselves. And then we realized that there were so many things we could do for fun that didn’t cost much money at all. I started paying attention to what the seniors were doing in my community. Not only were they participating in low-cost things, they were enjoying those hobbies well into their 80s. Some of them were even turning those hobbies into extra cash.

Northern Cheapskate.

Frugal Activities that Make Us Happy

What makes you happy? Do you feel like you have to spend money to be happy? What about your family and friends, do they think they can only be happy spending money? My kids are still really little (3.5 years old, and 1.5 years old), and luckily, it doesn’t take much to make them happy. And for the most part, my husband and I don’t have to spend money to be happy either. Here are some fun activities we do that make us happy, and don’t cost a lot of money.

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