Featured Future Planning and Financial Planning Articles

Here are a few of the great articles about future planning and financial planning that were posted today:

Are You Ready for Your Financial Future?

This is an important subject for everyone — not just women. However, there are some aspects of planning for a financial future that seem to hit women especially hard. Here are some things to consider as you build your own future

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Prepare for the Future by Owning Your Past

As an undergrad, I majored in History, so it should not be surprising that I am a firm believer in knowing where you have been. When it comes to personal finances, I think understanding your past is the key to planning a successful future.

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How to Accomplish More in 24 Hours

Among financial bloggers, this has been designated Women’s Money Week. I don’t usually think about finances and economics in a gender-specific ways, but coincidentally, last week I happened to be reading a book called Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry.

The author, Helaine Olen, devotes a chapter to the way the financial industry treats women, and reading it left me in a roil of righteous indignation.

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