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Yearly Expenses for a Family of Five

How much does it cost to support a family? Well it’s different for everyone! But to help you figure out what’s right for your family I thought I would share our yearly expenses for a family of five for the past 2 years.

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Don’t Let High School Keepsakes Eat Your Budget

The cost of high school keepsakes such as studio photos, class rings and varsity jackets usually results in sticker shock on behalf of parents, followed up by “Who needs all that stuff anyway?”

I don’t think one should dismiss traditional high school keepsakes, even if you are surprised at the cost. The discussion to have as a family is which memorabilia your student is actually interested in, and then how to make it happen.

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Tired of Fighting About Money?

Money fights can cause huge issues in a marriage — especially if they’re an ongoing thing. The fights come in many different forms: how much one person spends, what they buy, where the money is going to come from, employment status, and of course the biggie: debt. So if you’re tired of fighting about money, what do you do?

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Shielding Children from Financial Struggles as a Single Mom

I am not even one year into single motherhood and although I have already experienced a wide range of emotions and frustrations, I know my journey has just begun. My number one goal is and always will be to look out for the best of interests of my daughters.

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