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Real talk: Paying for medical care is stressful and expensive. Even if you are fortunate enough to have insurance through your employer, coming up with co-pays on top of the premiums can make your budget, or your savings, cry. When you pay for an individual insurance plan, the situation often becomes more stressful.

This is a thorny issue. The cost of healthcare is prohibitive, yet sometimes you genuinely need to see a doctor. So what can you do to ease the financial burden? Unfortunately I have no solutions for the cost of insurance or healthcare. However, the CareCredit card can help make getting the medical care you need a viable possibility.

CareCredit is a credit account specifically designed to assist with medical bills that insurance does not cover. Like a regular credit card, you do have to go through the application process. However, this card has serious advantages compared to the average Visa or Mastercard.

They offer promotions where charges of $200+ accrue no interest if the total is paid in full within 6,12,18, or 24 months (depending on the promotion). While you are still required to make the minimum monthly payment, no interest means that you aren’t paying extra money by carrying a balance month to month. Be aware that if you do not pay it off within the agreed upon time-frame, interest will be back-charged from the original purchase date. This provides an extra incentive to repay your balance in a timely manner.

CareCredit also offers long-term financing, ranging from 24-60 months for more expensive costs with fixed monthly payments and a reduced APR (the interest rate applied to the balance). The APR and time-length applied to your card depends on the total of the purchase.

I first learned about this resource from my mother after she needed to have extensive dental surgery. As a small business owner, she has never had health-insurance and would need to pay all costs out of pocket. Using CareCredit enabled her to finance that surgery without throwing my father and herself into severe debt or depleting their savings.

CareCredit can be used for more than just dental issues. Procedures they cover range from general healthcare, to chiropractic issues, to hearing, and even to veterinary care. Whatever your healthcare needs, chances are CareCredit can help you meet them.

Unfortunately, not all providers accept CareCredit. Click here to search for providers in your area who do accept CareCredit.

There are two ways to apply for this card: online and by phone. They offer a 24 hour automated activation line (must be 21+ to use), and live agents Monday – Friday, 9 A.M-9P.M. (EST). Be sure to review their cardholder agreement before you apply for the card. If you have questions about which promotion to go through, it may be best to call for a live agent to discuss your options.

Financing health care can be a very stressful experience. Although CareCredit cannot reduce the cost of health care procedures, it can help take the edge off the experience. If you’re facing high medical bills, or are simply worried about them in the future, CareCredit is a solution worth exploring.

Written by Mckenzie Candalot, Staff Writer – Mckenzie Candalot graduated from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in English Literature. She has a passion for written language and helping other women take control of their finances. When not blogging or reading, she enjoys cooking and spending time with loved ones. 

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