A Rose on Any Other Day

If you’ve recently visited a store, you know Valentine’s Day is almost here. I’m a huge romantic sap and love the idea of Valentine’s Day, but the hype is a little out of control. Yes, chocolate is delicious and roses are pretty, but they are also expensive extras. While it is definitely important to take time to appreciate your significant other, and Valentine’s Day is a good day to do so, it’s important not to break the bank in the process.

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year. My boyfriend and I both work all day, and  after a long day at work I’m about as romantic as a bag of potato chips. So we’ve decided to wait and celebrate a few days after when it fits our schedule better. By doing this, we save money and avoid crowds, which makes it easier to really enjoy each other.

The price of roses nearly doubles around Valentine’s Day, which isn’t a huge surprise as they are a classic gift. But you do have to factor the cost into your budget. Ideally, order your flowers at least a month in advance. (Sorry for the late advice on my part.) Or considering waiting until after the 14th and visiting a local florist to find arrangements that weren’t picked up. They won’t be made to order, but they will be beautiful and probably discounted. The same principle applies to chocolates. You’ll find a sweeter deal if you wait until the day after to buy them.

Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of pressure to make extravagant purchases and displays of affection. Don’t let yourself be swept up in that. You can be romantic without spending lots of money. Make your significant other breakfast or a favorite meal,  or light a few candles and play some music to dance in your living room. Stay tuned (and follow us on Pinterest) for more ideas on low-budget romantic gestures and dates.


Really, the point of Valentine’s Day is to spend time with and appreciate your significant other. Gift giving is a nice gesture, but it isn’t the only way to appreciate someone and it shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Something as simple as thanking them for a chore they regularly take care of shows that you appreciate them and their time. It costs nothing and you can do it often.

As the special day approaches, remember the financial goals of both you and your significant other and make sure those are a priority. Expensive dates and gifts are nice, but they don’t last forever. Spending quality time with someone is as expensive as you want to make it. Kisses and sweet nothings cost, well, nothing. Spend wisely and enjoy your Valentine’s Day, whenever and however you celebrate.

Written by Mckenzie Candalot, Staff Writer – Mckenzie Candalot graduated from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in English Literature. She has a passion for written language and helping other women take control of their finances. When not blogging or reading, she enjoys cooking and spending time with loved ones.