Women’s Money Week is about encouraging women to speak up about money, take control of their finances, and reshape their financial futures. With just one topic per week, we encourage you to not just read, but to actually take action. And we’ve provided a way for you to be held accountable. When you register (for free) for the week, you’ll get reminder emails and special action tips.
WMW is different from other blogs. We don’t inundate you with content overload. We don’t post lots of personal anecdotes about our financial lives. (As interesting as that might be, it distracts you from the real point – you getting ahead.) We don’t provide tiny tips about a 50 cent off coupon at a store that might not even be in your town.

While there are 100’s of amazing blogs and email lists out there that provide this information, we’ve found that all of this information just leads to paralysis. Instead of reading something and taking action, we read something and file it away in a “do-it-later” pile. During WMW 2012, we provided a lot of great information, but during the course of the year we will provide concrete steps to help you get ahead.

So, we’ve revamped and rescaled. WMW is about taking just 1 simple action each week that will lead to your financial success. We provide you the exact, step-by-step instructions to help get you started. We let you know why the action is so important. And we give you a few (but not too many) resources to help you succeed. But most importantly, we provide you with accountability. If you want to take a week’s action, we will check in with you twice during the week to remind you get moving.

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be covering a variety of topics – from basic to complex. At the end of each week, you’ll be one step closer to financial success.

Thanks for joining us!

Here’s Information About the 1st Annual Women’s Money Week that occurred in March

Women’s Money Week started with a first annual event running from March 5th-11th, 2012 — coinciding with International Women’s Day. We had over 50,000 visitors in one week and over over 100 of the best and brightest in women’s personal finance come together to share their knowledge and experience. Each day they tackled a new topic as it uniquely affects women.

Here were the topics we covered each day:

  • Monday:  Entrepreneurship / Making Money
  • Tuesday:  Relationships & Money
  • Wednesday:  Saving & Investing
  • Thursday:  Budgeting
  • Friday:  Money in Your 20s/30s/40s/50s/Retirement
  • Saturday:  Debt
  • Sunday:  Goals / Taking Action

Who’s Behind Women’s Money Week

Elizabeth is co-founder of Go Green Travel Green and a writer for Wise Bread. She loves ice cream (especially homemade avocado-coconut and chocolate peanut butter), PG Tips Tea, Downton Abbey, playing tennis, and running with her dogs by the river.

Jackie Beck is an entrepreneur who started her first “business” selling rocks in the 2nd grade. (She’s since moved on to iPhone apps.) Jackie writes about personal finance and reaching your goals at MoneyCrush, and about becoming debt free at The Debt Myth.