Why Participate in Women’s Money Week

Why Participate in #WMWeek17

Three Ways to Participate!

  1. As an individual seeking tools and resources towards a better financial future.
  2. As a blogger, writer, coach or expert who wishes to want to grow their brand and profile, while impacting the lives of thousands in a meaningful way. 
  3. As a corporation or non-profit organization providing financial education events to women, girls, and families.

For Bloggers, Writers, Coaches and Financial Experts:

You Can Make a Difference

So what difference can you make?

When you participate in Women’s Money week, you can change lives. There are many ways that we as bloggers and writers impact a person’s life. Perhaps it’s by giving them a tip to save more for retirement, earn a higher salary, or save a few bucks on a product they want to buy.

First, we can help people help themselves. Until there is some large-scale changes, most people look to their society, friends, and bloggers for help.  So give your readers the resources they need to change their own lives. 

Second, by writing about financial issues we encourage those in decision making positions (be it schools, companies, or government) to make broader changes. It sheds a light on ideas and topics that really matter to people’s every day lives. Sign up for Women’s Money Week 2016 now.

What You’ll Get Out of Participating

When you participate in Women’s Money® Week, your website will get great publicity. You’ll get linked to from daily emails during Women’s Money® Week, the WMW website, our Twitter account, and other bloggers’ websites. You also get featured on our partner’s page all year long!

Plus, Women’s Money® Week takes place during the week of International Women’s Day and during Women’s History Month. In past years, journalists looking for timely, interesting angles for their International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month stories have contacted #WMW participants for interviews.

Signing up to participate is easy. Get started today.