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We’d love to include your content in a “Financial Recipes Cookbook” we are putting together to run during the month of November.  It will be a compilation of financial recipes posted on a page on; and a free download.  Links and full citations back to your site will be included on both. 

If you are interested, send your recipe for financial success to

Note the “recipe” should be relatively short. The plan is to format each recipe to fit onto an image of a recipe card.  Please submit your recipe by November 10th as the plan is to get formatted and publish by right before Thanksgiving.

Who: Any Financial Writer/Podcaster

What: Recipes for Financial Success

When: During the Month of November — Submissions due by November 10th

Why: Because it’s a Fun Way to Talk about Finance

Sample Recipe:






Get a job to generate income. Take one portion of your income and contribute to retirement fund. Take portion of income and contribute to a savings account. As savings accumulates, contribute to an investment account. Increase skillset and generate increased income. With each income increase, invest more in investment accounts. Control spending to spend less than you earn.

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