What’s Your Mission?

Philanthropy – Is your organization looking to be a change-maker and support financial education programs that makes a difference and has a history of proven results?
Marketing  –  Is your company seeking to reach a national audience of women who are seeking financial information and ready to take action?  
Publicity –  Is your company or organization ready to be recognized as a national leader in the movement to change the financial lives of women, girls and families?

Women’s Money can definitely be a part of your mission. 

National Women’s Money® 2020 Week Sponsorship

Women’s Money® Week is a national initiative that brings together the best and brightest in personal finance in the beginning of January to discuss money issues through social media and live events as they uniquely relate to women and that ultimately effect their families and the community. It’s about taking control of your finances and reshaping your financial future.


Conference Sponsorships

Women’s Money® and Mujeres y Dinero® Conferences are the TOP women’s personal financial education conferences in the nation.  These conferences are leading the money conversations nationwide and they are leading to action that makes a difference in our communities.  It’s more that just inspiration and education, these conferences convert Aha! moments into Actions. Women’s Money® Conferences get proven results in changing the financial lives of women.

Mentoring Program Sponsorships

  • Are you looking to be a national leader in the conversation about financial equity for women and girls?

  • Are you looking to Invest in Impact?

  • Is your organization looking for long term engagement and interaction that gets proven results?

Women’s Money may be what you are seeking.  Engage in a financial conversation that is relevant to women, and make lasting change in the personal lives of women – the nation’s #1 consumer. 

Women’s Money®  Conferences are locally grown.  Every Women’s Money®  program around the country starts from a seedling of support. A company, organization, or policy leader sees a greater vision for their community, and works with us to develop, nurture and grow the Women’s Money®  program locally —  bringing maximum economic impact to the local community.    

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor? Email Sylvia Allen at sylvia.allen@allenconsulting.com or call Officer: 732.946.2711 or Cell: 732.241.1144