2016 Conference Speaker Application

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If you would like to be considered to be a speaker for the 2016 Women’s Money Conference, please fill out the following information.






Which conference(s) would you like to speak at:

You can choose more than one.

Which languages are you fluent in?

Please only indicate languages in which you feel comfortable speaking to audiences.

If possible, we would like to purchase your books for the audience. Purchases would be in the amount of 200-250 books for the Reno conference, and 350-400 books for the Las Vegas conference.

Please indicate the speaker fee you would require. We provide 1. Hotel, 2. Airfare, 3. a $75 per diem, and 4. a $500 honorarium to most speakers (if legally allowable in your industry).

As indicated above, we will also work with your publisher to see if we can purchase your books for giveaways to the audience.

If you require more, please indicate how much more you would require. If you do not require more than our provisions outlined, please insert $0.00).