Program Two

Let’s Move Forward!

Program Two

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After women have created a strong financial foundation in Program One, they can apply to join Program Two.

A mentor must have a personal review of the mentee’s financial foundation, and give a recommendation as to their readiness to join Program Two. 

Current  Women’s Money®  offers two components:

  • Women’s Money® Wealth Building Leadership Field Excusions

  • Women’s Money® Wealth Building Circles

Make a Commitment to Your Future 


To be in Women’s Money® Two, you need to participate in Women’s Money® One. Let your mentor know that you are setting a goal to participate in Two. Your mentor will work with you to make sure you are ready to receive your invitation to the Women’s Money® Wealth Building Bootcamp.  

The Women’s Money® Wealth Building Bootcamp is a Two-part event where you will experience:

  • Understanding Investment Terms.

  • Understanding Investment Vehicles.

  • DIY Investing

  • Determining which investments can help you get to your personal goals.

  • When you need a Financial Adviser

  • How to Interview a Financial Adviser

  • How to Work with a Financial Adviser

  • Understanding Investing: It’s not that complicated.