Participation Instructions

Thanks for participating in Women’s Money Week.  Here’s the critical information you need to get started:

An Important Detail

To ensure that the links to your posts appear on the Women’s Money Week site once your posts go live (which should be anytime after midnight and before 2pm EST on the appropriate day or days), you’ll need to include the phrase below within each post:

This post is part of Women’s Money Week 2012. For more posts about [insert your topic here] see [insert link from list below here].

And the list:

<a href=””>Relationships and Money Roundup</a>

<a href=””>Saving and Investing Roundup</a>

<a href=””>Budgeting Roundup</a>

<a href=””>Money in Your 20’s/30’s/40’s/50’s/Retirement Roundup</a>

<a href=””>Debt Roundup</a>

<a href=””>Goals and Taking Action Roundup.</a>

For example, for Relationships and Money please include:

This post is part of Women’s Money Week 2012. For more posts about Relationships and Money see <a href="">Relationships and Money Roundup</a>

We will add the trackbacks to the roundup post manually during the day. If you don’t see your post included by 8pm EST time please email us to let us know.

The days and topics:

  • Monday March 5:  Entrepreneurship / Making Money
  • Tuesday March 6:  Relationships & Money
  • Wednesday March 7:  Saving & Investing
  • Thursday March 8:  Budgeting
  • Friday March 9:  Money in Your 20s/30s/40s/50s/Retirement
  • Saturday March 10:  Debt
  • Sunday March 11:  Goals / Taking Action

You can write on just one day, on all of the days, or any number in between.

A few writing prompts to get you started in case you’re stuck:

  • Have you had any successes with that day’s topic? (E.g., Have you paid off a large debt? Or picked a really great stock? Or successfully figured out how to talk to a loved one about money?)
  • Have you had any failures with that day’s topic? (E.g., Have you ever made a budget that you couldn’t stick to? Started a business (or blog) that didn’t work out? Gotten in a fight with a loved one or friend about money?)
  • Do you have a friend, loved one, or neighbor that has had success or failure with that day’s topic?
  • What lessons did you learn from your (or someone else’s) success or failure?
  • Do you have any childhood memories/experiences related to the topic?
  • Do you have any future goals/plans related to the topic?

Remember, Women’s Money Week is about sharing stories and experiences, so make your posts personal.