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Women’s Money® Mentoring Styles

Each member (mentee) of Program One receives a personal mentor.  Our mentors all have a Certified Financial Planner designation. Unlike other mentoring programs, we do not offer a 40 hour “certification course” for our mentors, they must  already be licensed professionals with real experience in the  financial world.

Programs similar to just one part of the Women’s Money® system

would easily cost you over $1700 a year.


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Personal One-to-One Mentoring


  • Your own Personal Women’s Money® Mentor assigned to you.

  • Award Winning Worksheets and Financial Selfies

  • Access to online mentoring portal to communicate with your mentor.

  • Access to Facebook online mentoring group to connect with other members.

  • Access to Women’s Money® support classes.

  • A copy of the Women’s Money® Guidebook.

  • Accountability Tracker

  • A digital copy of DIY Credit Repair.

Yes, we are currently enrolling employees of participating companies. Please use the below sign up button for more information, and to see if your employer is offering this course.