How to Participate in WMW13


Thanks for your interest in WMW13 – the 2nd annual Women’s Money Week. Any writer (regardless of gender) can participate in the week by writing about the topic of the day and posting it to their site. The goal of the week is to raise awareness about financial issues as they uniquely relate to women, provide insights and lessons learned, and give actionable advice to help women reshape their financial futures. It occurs during the first full week of March to overlap with International Women’s Day on March 8th.

How to Participate

To participate in Women’s Money Week, you need to do just 3 things:

1) Write a blog post or article about any (or all) of the topics below

2) Schedule the post for the date that corresponds to the topic

3) Fill out this form to submit to your posts. (This will ensure that you get linked to in each day’s roundup of posts).

(4. Optional) Promote  at least 3 other posts. Last year one of the comments we received was that not enough was done to promote other writers’ posts. So, this year, while it’s not required to participate, we ask that each participant promote (either through Facebook, Twitter, and/or linking from your own site) at least 3 other posts. The links for each day (listed below) will be live at midnight with a list of all participating posts. You are welcome to link from your post to that specific day’s topic.

WMW13 Topics

Monday, March 4: Increasing Income Permalink:

Tuesday, March 5: Finding Time / Increasing Productivity Permalink:

Wednesday, March 6: Family and Money Permalink:

Thursday, March 7: Happiness, Hobbies, and Money Permalink:

Friday, March 8: Future Planning & Financial Planning Permalink:

Post Ideas

Remember, the idea is to raise awareness about women’s money issues, as they relate to the daily topic. You can write about anything you’re feeling inspired about that relates to the topic on that day, but if you’re stuck, here are some ideas to help you get started:

Increasing Income

(Generally about anything related to jobs, salary, earning more as side-income, part-time work, finding a job, freelance work, starting/operating a business.)

  • What are the best tips for negotiating raises for women?
  • What unique ways have you found to increase your income?
  • What are the best ways earn money on the side?
  • How does a woman start her own business?
  • How can someone find a different job to earn more money?

Finding Time & Increasing Productivity

(Generally anything related to: Time management, productivity, finding time, motivation, life balance)

  • How have you managed your time, now or in the past?
  • What are the best tips you have for finding more time or increasing your productivity?
  • What is the ideal way to spend your day or week (in terms of time spent on certain activities)?
  • How are women more affected by time pressures than men?
  • How does time relate to money?
  • What would you do if you had more time each day?
  • What would you cut out, if you had less time each day?

Family & Money

(Generally anything related to: your upbringing, your family now, having kids (or not having kids), being a stay at home parent, etc.)

  • How did your family upbringing affect your relationship with money?
  • What issues or challenges have you experienced (or had friends experience) as they relate to extended family and money?
  • How has having a family (or wanting to start a family) affected your finances?
  • When does it make sense for someone to stay at home with kids?
  • What are the costs of having kids?
  • How many kids should you have?

Happiness, Hobbies, and Money

(Generally anything related to things that you find enjoyable – hobbies, activities, pets, food, travel or anything about happiness and money.)

  • What hobbies or things do you do that do you enjoy? What are thee costs?
  • How can you save money on any specific fun activity or hobby?
  • How can you earn money with a fun activity or hobbies?
  • How do you save or budget for fun activities?
  • How to you prioritize fun in your finances?
  • Is it important to prioritize “fun” in your budget? Or more important to prioritize saving?
  • Do you think money can buy happiness? How so?

Future Planning and Financial Planning

(Generally, anything related to goals, budgets, savings, retirement, financial independence.)

  • How do you set goals?
  • What are the best ways to save money for the future?
  • How should women plan for the future differently than men do?
  • How are women affected by retirement?
  • What do you save for?
  • Why do you save?

These ideas are just to help you get started. In the past, posts that have done really well are based on a personal experience someone has had, a great set of tips, or a counterpoint/devil’s advocate style post.

Again, it’s really easy to participate. Just choose one or more of the topics above, write about it, and insert your information here.  Also, sign up for the email list below to get information, reminders, and a list of links, closer to and during the week itself.

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