Women’s Money® History

When We Lift Up One Mother, We Lift Up a Family. When We Lift Up a Family, We Lift Up an Entire Community.

 The  Women’s Money team, Advisors and Contributors have used their life and career experiences along with hundreds of thousands of hours of research and program surveys to develop our programs that help women achieve their goals. The most-rewarding and influential outcome of this combined knowledge and experience is  Women’s Money® Mentoring Program, a unique, proprietary financial education, support and accomplishment system for women, girls and families. Our program in the early years, brought financial education to over 10,000 Nevadans and has grown nationwide delivering over 180,000 hours of financial education to people nationwide.

Statistics show that without follow-up, most women would go back to their daily responsibilities with the conference information sitting unused, in a drawer or closet. That’s why we designed the mentoring programs with a built in accountability tracking system, to make sure no one is left behind.

The way women learn and relate to finances requires a complete shift in women’s attitudes and behaviors around financial health. Such a shift needs to include much more than just speakers and breakout sessions. It requires a holistic program involving women in experiential learning with relevant examples from their own lives, support from their peers, and accountability and guidance from mentors to set up lifelong habits for success.

Thus began the multi-year, intense program development  that would form the basis of Women’s Money®.  In-depth interviews with a wide range of successful female entrepreneurs and corporate executives, including owners of business worth more than a million dollars, revealed that despite their proven successes almost all of these women faced common barriers that prevented them from protecting themselves. Despite their business successes, these women were personally vulnerable to business loss/unemployment did not understand the “paying themselves first” adage,  and faced challenges saving for a “rainy day fund” their children’s education and even their own retirements. Women’s Money® was designed to address these issues, drawing on the in-depth personal experiences of hundreds of women and real time blind surveys where they felt comfortable sharing.   

The public phase of the Women’s Money® program was officially launched in Nevada with the support and mentorship of Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall in June, 2012 with two pilot conferences.  The program has held two conferences a year since 2012, and in 2017, we expanded the Mentoring Program into 5 states! In 2019 we are offering a new program: Employee Financial Benefits to companies across the nation.

 Women’s Money® is also available  in Spanish, has brought financial literacy education to an underserved population.


Women’s Money


The Mentoring Program is expanded into 5 states.


Women’s Money Week, a program dedicated to bringing together the best financial literacy content for women, becomes a part of Women’s Money.


The Women’s Money program is officially publicly launched in Nevada in June, with two pilot conferences and with the support and mentorship of Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall.


Women’s Money is founded to provide experiential learning and social support to help women understand their current financial life and how they can make small changes every day to take control of, and make educated decisions about, their financial life.