Surprise! The Big Reveal


I’m ready to let you in on a secret. Remember Sam’s Sabbatical Sunday series? Starting a little over a year ago, “Samantha” wrote weekly articles for Women’s Money.  She wrote about why to take a sabbatical, how she saved $100,000signs of burnout, and how to get health insurance while on sabbatical.

You can find the whole series here

Well, the truth is “Sam” was not Samantha – but me – Elizabeth. For various reasons, a pseudonym was the best choice for me writing those posts at that time. But now, I’m ready to be out. (Not out as gay, I was that many years ago!) But out as someone who left her corporate career behind to take some much needed time to refresh.

When much of your identity is wrapped up in your job, it’s hard to break free of that. But I was ready.  And now, it’s a relief to come clean to you. Watch for updates and a focus on taking a sabbatical in the coming weeks and months.