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Top financial experts and authors join in nationwide initiative creating financial resiliency for women.

October 25, 2016 – Today, Women’s Money® proudly announced 14 national finance experts have been appointed as National Women’s Money® Week Ambassadors.

National Women’s Money® Week (#WMWeek17) is a national nonprofit campaign that includes live events, online education, and social media events to highlight the resources and need for financial resiliency of women and families. This national program is organized by Women’s Money®, a non-profit organization, providing services and resources to women who seek a path toward financial resiliency.

“We are very excited and honored to work this amazing and inspiring group of financial media leaders to represent the concerns affecting the financial wellness of America’s families,” said Women’s Money® President and Founder Gina Robison-Billups. “These women were appointed to be Ambassadors because they have a unique ability to connect with women on a very scary topic – Money!  They can break down complex financial issues into easy-to-understand and actionable concepts.”

Ambassadors include:

  • ·         Jackie Beck, Ambassador to Arizona
  • ·         Carrie Rocha, Ambassador to Minnesota
  • ·         Mary Beth Storjohann, Ambassador to California (San Diego)
  • ·         Barbara Friedberg, Ambassador to California (Silicon Valley)
  • ·         Claudia Russell, Ambassador to Washington D.C.
  • ·         Jen Hemphill, Ambassador to Washington D.C.
  • ·         Miranda Marquit, Ambassador to Idaho
  • ·         Julie Macc, Ambassador to Nevada (Northern)
  • ·         Sarah Li Cain, Ambassador to North Carolina
  • ·         Kayla Sloan, Ambassador to Kansas
  • ·         Brynne Conroy, Ambassador to Pennsylvania
  • ·         Chris Haviaris, Ambassador to New York
  • ·         Rita Cheng, Ambassador to Maryland
  • ·         Emily Guy Birken, Ambassador to Wisconsin


About Women’s Money®

Women’s Money®, a 501c3 non-profit organization, completely funded by sponsorships and donations, has developed and delivers a unique and proprietary financial education and accountability system to help women move from financial fragility to financial resiliency. 

Women’s Money®, a national organization, produces the Women’s Money® Conferences ( – one of the top financial education conferences in the nation, and La Conferencia de Mujeres y Dinero® ( – the only personal financial education conference completely in Spanish in the U.S.  The organization also hosts National Women’s Money® Week ( from January 1-7 – an awareness and education campaign highlighting the importance of financial education for women. Additionally, Women’s Money® delivers its proprietary mentoring program to women and girls nationwide.  The program has received the National Association of State Treasurer’s Pinnacle Award, National Plutus Award Finalist recognition, and has been featured in the New York Times, Woman’s World Magazine, USA Today, and Forbes.