We are pleased to share the Women’s Money Annual Report for 2016.

We are pleased to share the Women’s Money Annual Report for 2016.  This year marks another period of tremendous growth and opportunity for the organization and for financial education to women and families.

download the report

download the report

Looking back on 2016, so many moments served as vivid reminders of the important challenges women are up against, as well as the amazing power we have as a collective force to bring about greater change for justice and equality.

Each story in this annual report reflects a moment, person, or project that inspires and energizes us, and continually gives us hope that our work is having real impact.  

The year was one of exceeding expectations for Women’s Money. Both, the 2016 Women’s Money Conferences exceeded expected attendance by 15%, and National Women’s Money Week exceeded participation by over 100%.   These two keystone programs saw the largest participation to date. All program participation literally blew the roof off of what we thought was possible.  Women’s Money engaged with more than 24,000 participants in more than 3,000,000 engagement moments.  Some of those engagements were a very brief but impactful 140 characters, and some engagement moments were as long as six hours of solid learning and practice.  Whatever engagement experience a women had with Women’s Money, the measurement of impact was significant, real, and often life-changing.

Thank you for ongoing support and interest in Women’s Money, and a special recognition to our amazing partners, supporters and colleagues around the world – we couldn’t do any of this without you.